Scuba Diving

Thursday evening swimming and diving will end on Thursday 12th September.

Sited at the north end of the quarry is a floating pontoon, sat in 15 metres of water the pontoon has been specifically designed for ease of use by divers.
The former limestone quarry has filled naturally with ground water and underwater visibility is 5-6 metres in January 2016, this is expected to rise to 8-10 metres during the summer months.
The water quality when sampled at the beach area on the 25th August 2015 was Excellent with respect to “Water Resources, The Bathing Water Regulations, 2008 No 1097” (E coli & Enterococci Nil).

Gas Filling

Air is independently tested and supplied in accordance with EN 12021 to 232 Bar and O2, Nitrox and Trimix

Oxygen / Decompression mixes are available to 200 Bar.

With our continuous blending system we do not require your cylinders to be O2 clean for mixes to a maximum of 40% Nitrox.

Cylinders to be filled with mixes greater than 40% O2 are required to be O2 Clean.

We reserve the right to refuse to fill any cylinder that appears to be suspect in any matter, we shall refuse to fill any cylinder without a valid test marking.

Filling Times:

Summer Weekends
Gas Room Opens at 9 am, Last Air Fill 4.15 pm, Last Nitrox / Trimix / 02 Fills 2.00 pm

Thursday Evening Summer Opening
Air Gas Room Opens at 5.30, Last Air Fill 8.15 pm. Last Nitrox, Trimix, O2 Fills 7.00 pm

Gas Room Opens at 9 am, Last Air Fill 3.15 pm, Last Nitrox / Trimx / 02 Fills 2.00 pm

Equipment Servicing

Cylinder, regulator and a general equipment repairs are undertaken off site with a normal turn around time of 1 Week.

Your equipment will be despatched from us on a Monday and returned on a Saturday.

Entry Fees for Divers

Weekends / Bank Holidays £ 16.00
Thursday Evenings £ 10.00
Night Dives (By Prior Arrangement)

The site is open to all qualified divers and those undertaking a recognised training course.

There is no need to pre-book entry to the site.

A small classroom is available for hire if required for training purposes.

Sorry No Cards accepted.

Easy parking for divers